Book and Media Donation Policy

The Minocqua Public Library appreciates the generosity of those who wish to donate books and other materials and gratefully accepts donations that can be added to our collection or sold in the Minocqua Public Library Foundation’s used book sales. Please read this Donations Policy listing our guidelines before you bring in your donations.


The library accepts new or gently used :

Fiction and non-fiction, children and adult books (hardbacks, trade paperbacks and paperbacks) including:

Recent titles, Best sellers, Classics

Dictionaries, Books on tape or CD


Music CDs

Computer, travel book and test books less than three years old


We cannot accept:

Books in poor condition (dirty, moldy, mildewed, stained, smoky, damaged, torn, yellowing pages, broken bindings, musty smelling, cover or pages missing, handwriting and/or highlighting, etc.)

Textbooks, Bibles

Magazines, Newspapers

Reader’s Digest Condensed books, Encyclopedias

Computer and travel books more than three years old, Vinyl records

Obsolete or outdated items (tax guides, almanacs, etc.)

From experience we know that people won’t buy these items at our book sales. We understand that it is difficult to throw away items that you have found useful in the past. Often, these items can be donated to a thrift shop, Goodwill or recycled.


Dropping Off Donations:

Donations can be brought to the Library during regular operating hours. We request that your donations be brought to the building in small boxes or bags that can be easily carried.

Books are accepted at the main desk. Donations may not be place in the book drop.

Large donations require an appointment. Please call the Library at 715-356-4437 to schedule a drop off time.


Tax Statements & Receipts:

Your donation is tax deductible. Although we are unable to assign a dollar value to your donation, we are happy to give you an “Acknowledgement of Donation” at the time of drop-off.


Thank You for Your Donation!