• Library Catalog   (VCAT) – Use this catalog to browse the collections of all libraries in the Wisconsin Valley Library System.


  • State Catalog   (WISCAT) – Use this catalog to browse and request materials that are not available in VCAT.  Recently released materials (books within 12 months; DVDs, audio books and music within 24 months) are not available through WISCAT.  Please call the library if you have any questions.


  • Digital Downloads  (Wisconsin’s Digital Library, powered by OverDrive)  – Check out and download audiobooks, e-books, music and videos for your computer or portable device. OverDrive Media Console (for audiobooks, music, and video) and/or Adobe Digital Editions (for e-books) must be installed on your computer prior to downloading digital items.Have questions about your iPad, Kindle, Nook or other e-reader?  Can’t figure out how to download e-books or audiobooks from OverDrive?  Call for an appointment for staff assistance.  Please bring your device and your laptop/netbook if you have one.  (Quick disclaimer:  Library staff are not technical experts.  They will not be able to solve every problem.  For Kindle users, Amazon does have technical support assistance – here’s the number 866-321-8851.)