Minocqua Public Library

Approved: July 17, 2023


Minocqua Public Library is a source of community information. As a result, the Library has dedicated spaces to display such information. These areas are available as a service for the public, and postings do not indicate the Library’s endorsement.

The Community Notices Display Areas are available for the posting of:

  • Notices related to Library business or Library-sponsored activities.
  • Notices by nonprofit and community organizations for educational, charitable, cultural, or civic interest to the community.


  1. Any notice to be considered for posting must be submitted to the Library Director to ensure compliance with this policy. Only authorized Library staff may post or remove notices. Notices posted without authorization will be removed.
  2. To accommodate as many notices as possible, the Library may limit the frequency with which notices may be posted by any single organization.
  3. Any notice posted must contain accurate information and be clearly marked with the name and contact information of the sponsoring organization. Physical size of notices may be restricted due to space limitations.
  4. The Library does not preserve or protect posted notices. Notices will be removed and discarded when they are outdated or when space is required for more current items.

Because exhibit space is limited, the following priority will determine the use of space:

A. Nonprofit and tax-supported agencies

B. Community organizations

C. Other events and notices deemed to be of interest to the community

In general, materials will not be posted if they do not fit the library’s role as a source of unbiased information for the community, including but not limited to: political materials, petitions, solicitations, and retail/commercial/individual advertising.

The Library will decline to display notices that do not comply with this policy or that may, in the judgment of the Library Director, interfere with the normal use of the Library. The Library Director has final approval over all notices posted.