Minocqua Public Library

Fax Machine Policy and Procedures

The library’s fax machine is available to the general public on a limited basis as follows:

  • The faxes will be sent by library staff with person present at the time of transmission.
  • Only outgoing fax transmissions are permitted. No International fax transmissions will be allowed.
  • The library is not responsible for missing pages, bad transmissions or incomplete patron identification.
  • Fax transmissions will be charged at $1.00 per page or as posted by the library. Charges apply to each location the fax is sent to. Charges must be pre-paid before faxes are sent. Only cash or personal checks may be used to pay for fax transmissions.
  • A call placed to a busy signal will be resubmitted up to a maximum of three times at no extra charge. If the fax does not go through due to a constant busy signal, the patron’s money will be fully refunded.

Approved 6/2011, 11/2020