Minocqua Public Library is proud to be joining the growing list of libraries in Wisconsin and across the United States that are no longer charging daily overdue fines on library materials. The new policy will take effect on November 1.

“We still have due dates, and we encourage cardholders to honor those due dates, and renew any materials they want to keep longer” stresses Library Director, Peggy O’Connell. Items will still become overdue if they are returned late, however, cardholders won’t be assessed overdue fines.

This new policy applies only to daily overdue fines. Minocqua Public Library cardholders will still be responsible for replacement costs for items that are lost or damaged.

Why the change in policy? Studies show that late fines do not impact return rates, and they disproportionately affect low-income residents and families with children. Instead of motivating people to return items on time, the opposite is true. Fines can discourage community members from using the library altogether.

Most fines will be cleared on existing accounts. Any existing charges for lost or damaged items will still be the responsibility of the cardholder, however, if those items are returned in good condition, the charges will be waived. Please stop in and talk with library staff if you have questions or concerns about your account, we are here to help.